5 Potato Sides to Boost Your Spuds!

by Kim Lange
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Here’s 5 yummy potato sides that are perfect for every occasion throughout the week and through the holidays!  Whether you prefer them smothered in cheese or gravy, mashed, roasted, fried or baked, potatoes are the perfect comfort food that never disappoints!

Vegan Cheesy Potatoes

These Vegan cheesy potatoes got the seal of approval from our family. Our 9-month old baby didn’t want to stop eating them! and our 4-year old daughter who is a notoriously picky eater even scarfed them down. A healthy alternative Vegan version of scalloped potatoes. Pretty easy to make, and absolute filling and delicious!

Vegan Candied Sweet Potatoes

These Vegan candied sweet potatoes are a must for the holidays! They’re so sweet, that they’re almost like a dessert. Everyone will surely love these.

The recipe is so simple. The hardest part of the recipe is peeling the sweet potatoes. Once that’s done, we simply chop them, steam them for 20 minutes, and then mix them with the yummy sweet coating. You can’t go wrong with these sweet potatoes.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Vegan mashed potatoes and gravy will be on the plates of many Vegans for the holidays. We know of a good recipe which is not plant-based, but it’s simple to transform it to a Vegan-friendly version. These mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy are so creamy and savory. We just love them!

Baked Beans with Sweet Potatoes and Crispy Kale 

A sweet, savory, and healthy dish. Perfect for a main dish or a side dish. The beans and sweet potatoes are marinated in a delicious sweet sauce, and the kale is baked crispy which makes for some delicious bites.

Vegan Cheesy Veggie Potatoes

Cooking this dish is actually not hard at all. It takes a little bit of work to wash and cut all of the vegetables. Once that’s out of the way it’s easy-peasy.  A hearty mixture of potatoes, vegetables, and spices mixed in an easy vegan cheesy sauce. Enjoy!!

Roasted Red Potatoes

Roasted Red Potatoes

Vegans and non vegans love potatoes right? These roasted red potatoes are made without butter, but still have the same great taste. I especially love the cayenne in this recipe for an added kick!

Vegan Southern Potato Salad

This Vegan Southern Potato Salad is one of the best, all-around sides you can have at any potluck or event and people absolutely love it.  It’s prepared with a creamy vegan mayo and mustard dressing combined with chunky russet potatoes, celery, sweet onion and sweet pickle relish AND… it’s truly a Southern classic!  



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