About Us

by DailyVeganMeal

Welcome to our website! A little background about us, what started this idea, and what we hope to provide to each of you.

Our names are Justin and Lauren. We live in South Florida and are parents to two beautiful little girls. We realized not long ago that we are both passionate about protecting our babies, our planet, being kind to natures creatures, and overall living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

When we decided to start eating a plant-based Vegan diet we didn’t know where to start. We wanted a website that could give us some inspiration each day about what to make and we wanted a format that was simple and right to the point.

There are a lot of amazing websites and blogs with great Vegan recipes, so we built this blog to showcase some of our favorite recipes from other websites, some of our own creations, and some from family and friends. The goal is to provide a recipe nearly every day, in addition to providing resources to educate our followers and non-followers about incorporating a plant-based diet into their lifestyles.

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