Why Vegan?

Vegan isn’t clear enough, it is important to clarify that a plant-based vegan diet is what we are promoting here. We don’t consider ourselves experts and we don’t want to lecture anyone about why eating certain foods are ‘bad’ vs ‘good’ for you. Instead we thought we would provide some links and articles for you to read around some of the reasons we found for switching to a plant based vegan life-style.

Reducing your carbon foot-print– This article on Vox.com talks about how a vegetarian and vegan diet can cut your carbon foot-print in half, or more.

Earthlings – This documentary will change your life and open your eyes to how the industries all around us operate on a daily basis.

Where to get your protein? – The question you get the most as a vegan, but where will you get your protein?

USDA dietary guidelines – Here you will find the nutritional guidelines around the different food groups and they even state different plant based alternatives within the dairy and protein groups.